The best way to stain a deck

The best way to stain a deck

Increasingly properties now are having outside areas of decking installed, this not only increases the living space, but also adds value to your real estate.  We will take a look here at the best way to stain a deck – not just following the initial install, but also as part of your regular maintenance program.

It is important that you look after your deck properly once installed to preserve the timber, prevent deterioration, and keep it looking and functioning at its best.  Any easy test to see if it’s time to get to work is to check out your decking after rain – is it still repelling water?  If the answer is no then read on:

staining a deck after pressure washing

Choose your Equipment:

Deck stain – Wood Preservative.

These are available in a range of colors, so the first choice that you need to consider is the color finish (or not) that you would like on your deck area.  If the deck is already stained, then something close to, or darker, than the current finish will give you the best result – you can’t make it lighter, but you can make it darker.

Protective Equipment.

Not just for you either!  Personal protective gear will save clothing, at the very least gloves or overalls, but also for the house or nearby planted areas – protective sheets are a very useful tool to have in your box.  Always check the manufacturer’s instructions on the deck stain – most will recommend a face mask.

An Applicator.

How are you going to apply your stain?  Partly this will depend upon the area you need to coat.  If you have a small outside area, that is in good condition, then you may consider brushing the stain on using a brush or pad.  If you have a larger area and irregular surfaces then it would almost certainly pay you to think about an applicator pump – these make light work of applying deck stain, and in many cases can be used for other around-the-home jobs too.

staining a previously stained

The schedule of Works:

  1. Remove all furniture, bar-b-q’s, or anything else that is on your decking – it will end up being in the way, they always are. Clear yourself a good working space.
  2. Even if you have had new decking fitted it is still recommended that you check all over for any snagging issues – prominent screws (or, horror of horror nails) – Any loose uprights, slightly raised areas. Fix all of your structural glitches before applying anything.
  3. Consider stripping the old stain – or at the last give the entire structure a good clean using a power washer. Taking the old stain off is not difficult with the careful use of the correct chemicals and will give you a great base.  Allow it to dry thoroughly before moving onto step;
  4. Having checked the weather (it needs to dry before being rained on) sheet up all surrounding areas – your plants, your house, your French windows….. if you value it, sheet it. Even in very light winds it is easy for the stain to get blown quite some distance.
  5. Starting with the uprights, followed by awkward corners and then the floor area apply your stain according to the instructions. It is very useful to brush to the edges of any area (it saves both wasteage and overspray) and also to use a brush to even out the stain that is applied.

The best way to stain a deck?

Staining a deck is definitely a job that can be tackled by the homeowner.  Using a spray applicator makes it simple, and quicker than you think.  As with all home improvement work the best way to stain a deck is with good preparation of the area, making sure you have the right equipment, and doing the job when it first falls due.


Author: Richard Forest

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