How long does Snow Cone syrup last?

How long does Snow Cone syrup last?

Snow Cone Syrup is a commercially available sugar-based product that is used as a flavouring for snow cones.  If you haven’t come across them then Snow Cones are an iced treat made with either shaved, or ground ice, the ice is usually served in a cup and then the Syrup is added to the top as a flavouring.  Here we will take a look at how long you can expect your Snow Cone Syrup to last.

Ready Made Snow Cone Syrup

Most domestic users will be purchasing ready made snow cone syrup.  This is readily available in the store, or online, and is added straight from the container.

The obvious starting point would be to check on the packaging for a best before or use by date.  These two are not the same – the short version is that a best before is a guide, you can use it afterwards using your judgement, but the manufacturer does not guarantee that the product will be at peak condition.  Use by is the date that you really need to pay attention to – this one means that if you use it afterwards you may suffer some ill effects as the ingredients may deteriorate in a harmful way.

A reasonable expectation would be for the ready-made snow cone syrup to last for between one and two years at the point of purchase.  The date will almost certainly be a ‘best if used by date’ as the syrup is sugar based, so from a preservative perspective will last well.  The date is there because the taste and consistency may well deteriorate although it will still be safe to use.

Do not store your ready-made snow cone syrup on the refrigerator.  This will cause the sugar to crystallize and separate out from the liquid.  It should be stored out of direct sunlight, at room temperature, and will be just fine.

Mixed up From Concentrate Snow Cone Syrup

If you are a commercial user, or someone with a real Snow Cone habit then you may buy the concentrate and mix your own Snow Cone Syrup – it’s certainly cheaper, but you would need to get through a LOT of Snow Cone Syrup before you started saving money!  Once mixed the resulting syrup should be used within seven to ten days.

Additional ingredients can be added to extend that shelf-life, but in general if you want to have a reasonable expectation of using the Snow Cone Syrup over a period of time then the ready-made is the route to take.

The Importance of knowing how long Snow Cone syrup lasts

As Snow Cones are a seasonal treat, and very few eat them that often, even in season, it is important to think ‘how long does snow cone syrup last’ – It is one of those products that will sit in the back of the cupboard for a LONG time before you think about making snow cones again.

The good news is that even in the absence of a date on the packaging, your best guide will be to take a good look at it, and taste it.  Chances are that it will still be safe to use, it just may not taste quite as nice as when you bought it.



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