How many calories in a Snow Cone?

How many calories in a Snow Cone?

For many of us, how many calories in a Snow Cone is an important question?  Snow Cones are often considered a low-calorie treat for those watching our weight and so how many calories are in the Snow Cone is very important to us.  It is important to consider how the calories are added because the right choices mean that we can have a lower calorie treat.  Once you know how many calories are in a Snow Cone they can be a part of our everyday diet.

What is a Snow Cone?

Snow Cones are a very popular treat made with either ground ice or shaved ice – they are usually found served in a paper cup with added flavoring.  The calorific values are going to be dependent upon whether you add flavor with syrup or choose other flavoring option, as there are no calories in the ice component.

Originally snow cones were made with shaved ice.  They have been available in America since the early 1800’s, where they started being available to the general public when ice became commercially available.   For many people, they were the first ices that they ever had the opportunity to try.

What is a Calorie?

A calorie is not linked in any way to weight, or to food density, but is a measure of energy.  ‘Calories’ is a universal shortening of the term ‘kilocalories’ or ‘kcals’ – even when your food packaging says ‘Calories’ it is actually referring to ‘kilocalories’ or ‘kcals’, they are one and the same thing.

1 A kilocalorie is the amount of energy necessary to heat up 1 kilogram of water by 1 degree Celsius – or 2.2lbs of water by 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit if you prefer it that way.

Home Made versus Shop Bought:

Shop Bought

If you buy your Snow Cone ready-made from a shop then it should be relatively easy to determine the calorific value – increasingly these are displayed on the menu or board in the shop, so you won’t have to work very hard to get your answer.

If the calories aren’t readily available for you to see, then don’t be afraid to ask the assistant.  Often those of us watching our weight take a Snow Cone as a low-calorie alternative to other sweet treats, but you may well be surprised to learn how many calories are lurking in that syrup flavoring.

Pre-packed Snow Cones for home freezing will have the calorific value clearly displayed on the packaging.  All products sold in the USA now have to display the calories clearly on the packaging to help consumers make an informed choice.

Home Made

If you make your Snow Cones at home then you have complete control over what you add, and how calorific your sweet treat is.

An easy swap would be regular syrup for a low-sugar alternative, and you will be surprised at the difference in calories.  One pump of a regular syrup flavoring is approximately an ounce, each ounce is around 90 calories.  That means in the recommended two pump snow cone you get 180 calories.  Not so good for a low-calorie ice treat!

Swapping it for the low sugar syrup?  You will be amazed to learn that there are 3.5 calories per ounce of low sugar syrup.  Taking your Snow Cone down to a 7 calorie treat.  What a huge difference, and for very little sacrifice in taste.

Another lower calorie flavoring alternative would be a low-calorie soda.  Obviously, regular soda would be higher – but in both cases working out the calorie content by reading the packaging of the soda can or bottle will give you a clear indication of the calories you are adding to your Snow Cone.

Fruit juices are higher in calories than soda – all those natural sugars – but you add only two tablespoons or so, so they are usually a fairly safe option.

The Importance of Knowing How Many Calories in a Snow Cone

If you are watching your calorie intake, then using home-made sodas for flavoring would be the way to go.  Once you are aware of how many calories in a Snow Cone you can make a careful choice over flavorings.  Then you really can make an easy, low calorie treat for the whole family.

Even when eating out, if you make sure you know how many calories are in your Snow Cone there is no need to avoid a dessert or sweet treat, you can just make a good choice over flavorings and make sure that you have a lower calorie, Cone.



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