How to remove brown stains from a toilet bowl?

How to remove brown stains from a toilet bowl?

The best way not to have brown staining inside a toilet bowl is to ensure that you have an effective regime of cleaning in place to prevent any stains from forming, sometimes however you are faced with a neglected stained problem, so here we look at our top tips on how to remove brown stains from a toilet bowl.

Regular Cleaning Suggestions to Prevent Brown Stains from building up in your Toilet

Prevention is better than cure.  An automatic toilet cleaner can be installed either inside the bowl or into the cistern.  These deliver a tailor-made cleaning product every time you flush, and so ensure that stains do not get the chance to build up.

The chemical in an automatic toilet cleaner can be delivered as a liquid, a tablet, or as a soluble block within a perforated plastic holder–some add color to the water, and some don’t.

What causes a brown stain in your toilet?

Apart from the obvious – where a good seeing-to with a toilet brush will sort your issues – brown or green tinted staining in the toilet bowl is usually caused by limescale build up in a hard water area.  The limescale is deposited on the inside of the toilet bowl, and as it builds up it incorporates dirty particles which provide the coloring – not nice!

Already got brown staining?

If you have recently moved into a new house with a neglected bathroom, or work somewhere where regular cleaning has been overlooked, then you will want the best tips to take the bathroom back to shiny cleanliness.

For nearly all bathroom stains, a hand-held brush, plastic pan scrubbers, a market bathroom cleaner, bleach and elbow grease are all that is needed.

If that has failed to deliver the result you are looking for, then consider the following:

Vinegar is a great Household Cleaner

Vinegar is incredibly efficient at removing limescale.

Apply neat vinegar to the area you are looking to treat – try to apply to a dry area.

Top Tip:  For difficult to access places soaking a cloth or tissue in vinegar and applying this to the area means that you can soak the area well.  Leave it on for as long as you can – overnight is recommended – then wash off with water.  You can repeat the process if you don’t get a perfect result first time.

Baking Soda and Coke

Baking Soda and Coke give the same result as Vinegar.

To start with trying the Baking Soda on its own.  Sprinkle it into the water in the toilet, leave overnight, and see if your problems flush away in the morning.

If the scale deposit isn’t removed by the Baking Soda alone, then add the Coke – Pour the Coke into the toilet and add a couple of spoons of Baking Powder.

Do not be alarmed when this foams up.  Do not leave this overnight, a couple of hours should do, scrub thoroughly and then flush through.

Dishwasher Cleaner or Denture Tablets

Either dishwasher or denture tablets can often bring about a good result where other remedies have failed.  Add your tablet of choice to the bowl, leave for a few hours, scrub thoroughly and flush with clean water.

Commercially Available Products

There is a huge range of commercial cleaning products available, many products contain chlorine which is quite a nasty, so please do read all of the instructions before use.

 How to remove Brown Stains from Toilet Bowls?

Even if you employ an effective, routine cleaning regime sometimes you may be faced with a toilet that has suffered long term neglect and has scale deposits meaning that you will need to know how to remove brown stains.

Taking a tiered approach to remove stains from a toilet bowl will offer the best results:

  1. Use a scrubbing brush or plastic pan scrubber, using your regular cleaning product or bleach clean the surface of the toilet bowl, not forgetting under the seat lid and give any areas of staining a really heavy-duty scrubbing – this will remove any loose limescale.
  2. If the bowl has any stubborn areas of staining remaining, then leave the product on for longer to see if it can lift it.
  3. For stubborn areas of deposit that are not dissolved using your normally purchased product then consider trying the solutions above. You may be amazed at the result!
  4. Once the sparkly newness is achieved, install an automatic cleaner and be sure to maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

How to remove brown stains from a toilet bowl?  Follow our tips and get clean and sparkly in no time!


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