Best Automatic Gate Opener Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Best Automatic Gate Opener Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

You just got into your car, ready for a drive to work and then you reach your gate! But it is closed. You had to get down from the car, get the gate opened, drive out of the house and get down again to close the gates. Tiring and boring, isn’t it? Do you know you can go out through the gate and return without leaving the comfort of your car? Thanks to an automatic gate opener.

This review and buying guide will assist you to choose the right automatic type gate opener for your gate.

List of 10 Most Popular Automatic Gate Openers for the money

NameFor Gates (Length)Weight Perfect forBuy Now
Mighty Mule Gate Opener 18 Feet850 lbsSwing Gates
Mighty Mule EZGO16 Feet550 lbsSwing Gates, Single Leaf Gates
US Automatic Sentry 300 S14 Feet1000 lbsFarm Gates, Ornamental Iron Gates, Chain Link Gates
ALEKO AC1400 40 Feet1400 lbsSliding Gates
Mighty Mule MM36016 Feet550 lbsHeavy Gates
Mighty Mule MM560 18 Feet800 lbsLarge Single Leaf Gates
Ghost Controls TDS2XP20 Feet300 lbsDual Swing Gates
E8 400MM26 Feet1200 lbsHeavy Duty Gates
CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener40 Feet1400 lbsSliding Gates
E8 500MM30 Feet1250 lbsLeaf Gates

What Are Electric Gate Openers?

An automatic gate opener is a device that provides a convenient way to open and close the gates. It also provides safety and security to the home and its environs. An electric gate opener uses a wireless transmitter or a manual device to open and close a gate. There are different ways to operate a gate opener. The user may draw power from the grid to open the gate. Or low voltage systems (such as solar panels) can be used. The most popular method is using the solar panels. This is because it can function during power loss. This guide will go into details, a review of the top 10 automatic gate openers. These brands were carefully selected by our team of professionals.

Benefits Of Automatic Gate Opener

Below are the benefits of using an automatic gate opener

It is convenient

Electric gate opener allows drivers to come in and exit their house easily. They do not have to leave the comfort of their car. This is more helpful during rainfall, snowing or any other thing that can hinder you from coming out of the car. This modern technology system makes sure that the gate gets locked up securely even after you leave your home premises.

It is very secure

Thanks to the sturdy electronic lock features of the gate opener, the gate is better safe and secure. This residential gate opener has an inbuilt safety mechanism. They secure the environment against dangerous activities.

It is Durable

Gate openers are durable. They can withstand even the harshest of weather. Thanks to the strong design and build up. It is a recommended option for home and commercial use.

Boost the value of a property

They improve the value of a house. Having an automated gate is a big plus to homeowners looking to sell their property. This is because buyers will be happy to spend more on quality (automatic gate openers) of the house. gate opner increase the value of house Gate openers are taking over and getting popular by the day. Today several brands now sell more gate opener kits. Various brands of unique weight and size at different prices have flooded the market. So it’s important to get the right info and avoid jumping into some junky brands that claim quality. This automatic gate opener reviews will help you select the right gate openers which are secure and friendly to the pocket. So let’s dive into this gate opener review.

Top 10 Best Automatic Gate Opener Reviews

 01.  Mighty Mule Gate Opener for Heavy Duty Single Swing Gates  –  Top gate opener

Mighty Mule Gate Opener is the first automatic swing gate opener on our list. It perfectly works with the solo swing gates with 18ft of length and a weight of 858lbs. It also matches up with tube, ornamental, panels, wood and vinyl gates. Thanks to the instructional manual, the instructions for installation of the mighty mule gate opener kit are equally explained to understanding. Are you new to the gate opener? Mighty mule comes with a DVD that clearly explains everything in detail. The installation process is completely DIY so you don’t need to spend money on tech services. What’s More? This mighty mule gate opener has an 18 months warranty with tech support.

What We Love
  • Perfect fit for havier gates
  • Works with gate with weight higher than 600lbs
  • The kit includes a DIY DVD
  • Warranty of 18 months
  • Strong and inexpensive
  • Support extra solar panel
What We Don’t
  • Not fast like other brands
  • Has only one remote

Final Verdict

FM500 is highly recommended for robust operations for door weighing more than 700 lbs. It also supports gates of 18ft long. A great perk to this gate opener is the comprehensive warranty by might mule.

 02.  Mighty Mule EZGO-SOLAR Gate Opener Solar Kit – Solar powered gate opener

The Mighty Mule EZGO-Solar Gate Opener Solar Kit is a gate opener that the manufacturers specially designed for single leaf or swing gates. It accommodates gates with up to 550lbs of weight and a length of 16ft. Want to know the distinctive feature of this awesome gate opener? It is the E-Z Gate Solar Panel. They are used to charge the battery. Mighty Mule EZGO gate opener kit includes a DIY manual. It simplifies the installation process.

What We Love
  • Very simple to install
  • Comes with two remotes (which are a plus)
  • E-Z Gate solar system for battery charging
  • DIY manual of detailed instructions
  • Good option got medium duty task
What We Don’t
  • Motor can be slow
  • Motor can be loud
  • Clouds affect the efficiency of the solar panel

Final verdict

It is a preferred gate opener for places with intense and frequent sunshine. The price quantifies the quality. And above all: Mighty Mule EZGO is a good option for people with swing and single leaf gates.

 03.  US Automatic Sentry 300 S-Best for the Money

Are you looking for an excellent commercial gate opener? Powered by a 12V DC battery, The US Sentry 300 S comes with a comprehensive manual for easy installation. A good feature that improves the efficiency of this brand is that it supports the solar panel. There is also a new feature known as the Sentry plug N go wiring harness that doesn’t work based on wiring. It makes it easy to install. In most cases, the whole installation process doesn’t take more than an hour. It has a linear actuator which gives up to 400lbs of thrust. Also, the compression rating is up to 1000lbs. Thanks to those powers, the gate can easily open and shut down. The right place to install Sentry 300 S is on big gates of homes, yards, or other commercial or residential abides. This gate opener is the largest deal for ornamental gates that are knee 12 ft long. It also works well with chain link of over 14 feet. The manufacturer of US Automatic Sentry 300 S heavily customizes this gate opener with unique features better than its competitors in the marketplace.

What We Love
  • Good value for the money
  • Double charging option- solar panel and AC
  • Very customizable
  • Highly sealed board for prevention against damages from outer weather
  • DVD instructional manual
  • Have two remotes
What We Don’t
  • No in built keypad

Final Verdict

This Commercial Grade Gate Opener is automatic that comes out at a pocket-friendly price. It is a great investment for home security. Buy the extra solar to improve the functionality.

 04.  ALEKO AC1400 – Sliding Gate Opener

A popularly known brand on our buying guide is ALEKO AC1400 Electric Sliding Gate Opener. It fully supports sliding doors which are large and extra large. At a reasonable price, Aleko is one of the top sliding gate openers. It works fine with heavier gates. The High power boost for heavy duty works coming at a cheap price is one of the commendable features of t ALEKO AC1400 Electric Sliding Gate Opener. The steels used to make the ALEKO AC1400 Electric Sliding Gate Opener boost its strength to handle gates of over 50ft length and 1400lbs of weight. Though this gate opener offers a low-end weight (lightweight), it still poses a strong steel and motor chassis. It also makes the setup process a breezy one. The easy to comprehend DIY guide and instruction makes the whole installation process easy. Manufacturers cover its exterior parts using anti-corrosion metawhich works as an extra protection for a longer lifetime. You can use all through the day. It has an installed motor that aids better performance. The installed Motor comprises of double sensors and a strong base. This feature ensures that this gate opener stops and gets back to its initial position if stuck by an external material during the opening and closing of the gate.

What We Love
  • An ideal option for heavy gates
  • Perfect for extensive operations
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy installation process alongside a detailed DIY guide
  • Lifetime corrosion resistant ability
  • Top quality motor
What We Don’t
  • Small sized feed hold chain
  • Lower and high brackets are inadequately labeled

Final Verdict

The ALEKO AC1400 door opener is an ideal option for huge sliding doors of 1400lbs of weight and a length of 40ft. The right option at its price range. It is capable of heavy duty jobs throughout whole day. The metal chassis improves its corrosion resistant ability while increasing its strength for a long-term operating lifetime.

 05.  Mighty Mule MM360-Best Buy

And 5th on the list is the Mighty Mule MM360 Gate Opener. It perfectly supports a standard duty swing gate with 550lbs of weight and 16″ length. This door opener is very simple to set up. This is due to its detailed instructional manual. The instructions walk users through the whole process. The Mighty Mule MM360 is an ideal option for people with heavy gates. It allows users to open and shutdown hefty gates. It is strong enough to handle huge gates that weigh up to 550 pounds. A great choice for people who wants a high-quality opener for their gates. It also comes with external performance and tons of features. Might mule has a stock power system and a long lasting battery for a long life performance. The strong battery power churns out 10x more. This makes the gate opener one of the latest heavy-duty product in the marketplace. MM360 can work on solar power when connected with the solar panel. However, these solar panels are sold separately.

What We Love
  • A great twin sense technology of the UL325 sixth edition
  • A good option for swing gate’s standard-duty operations
  • Supports various types of gate, such as tube, ornamental, vinyl, panel, wood and chain link.
  • Support solar
  • Simple to understand manual and DVD guide instructions
  • 24/7 support team
What We Don’t
  • A bit slow compared to other gates

Final Verdict

The MM360 is a good automatic swing gate opener model from manufacturer. It comes out at an affordable price, especially for its standard duty category. The battery life is strong enough to last for hours non-stop. It supports solar panel but it needs to buy individually. Supports vinyl, wood, ornamental tube, and chain link door. It also has a simple to understand manual and DVD guide instructions.

 06.  Mighty Mule MM560 Gate Opener for Heavy Duty Single Swing Gates

Want to buy a good auto gate opener? Then go for Mighty Mule MM560. Specially developed for heavy-duty operation, this gate opener is top brands in the market that takes lesser time to setup. Thanks to the simple to understand setup guide. Like other brands of the Mighty mule, MM560 is perfect for heavy duty gates. It supports gates with a regular weight of 850lbs and a length of 18ft. The newly-introduced efficient technology with several features makes this model one of the strongest heavy-duty electric gate opener in the marketplace. Like other brands in the marketplace, this model of Mighty Mule works with a solar panel. However, they are sold separately. The flexible auto-close option of the MM560 also has an alarm. It is also accompanied with a simple open and close to further enhance the gate opener’s life. What’s more: the control panel and battery is combined in the kit for strong performance.

What We Love
  • The inclusion of a latest technology for an enhanced performance
  • Perfect option for havier gates
  • Bigger-sized control box
  • Simple to understand manual and DVD guide instructions
  • In-built battery for back up
  • Remote control
  • AC transformer for battery charging
What We Don’t
  • Slow operation
  • Doesn’t come with a solar kit

Final Verdict

Specially designed for heavy duty operation, Mighty Mule MM560 Gate Opener is one of the brands in the market. It takes lesser time to install. Like other brands of the Mighty mule, MM560 is right for heavy duty gates. It supports gates with an average weight of 850lbs and a length of 18ft.

 07.  Ghost Controls TDS2XP –  Residential gate opener

The Ghost Controls TDS2XP Gate Opener is specially designed for double gates at residents or commercial properties. It also includes an operator wing with a 6 inches cable attached. The other operator wing has a 30 inches table. This gate opener for residential has a kit that includes a solar panel of ten watt premium Mono-crystalline. It also has a fastener, bracket, and a rising arm.

What We Love
  • Swift and quiet post mount gate opener
  • Support solar system and includes solar panel
  • The battery box is lockable
  • Can be easily installed with common box
What We Don’t
  • May require other mounting gear when installing

Final Verdict

Ghost Controls TDS2XP  is good for people using a dual swing gate. They are mostly installed on large private and commercial properties. It lets users easily access a lockable control system. They can swiftly open and shutdown any type of commercial gate as long as it is not lengthier than 20ft. Great value for the buck and it is the door opener that is solar powered accompanied with a solar system

 08.  E8 400MM Stainless Gate Opener for Gates up to 26ft Long and 1200lbs

E8 400MM Stainless door opener is also one the finest in the marketplace. It is built with robust, reliable and good quality stainless steel. It has a screw driven system that makes it simple to use. It contains an IR beam that can be found in the kit. It supports gates that weigh up to 1000 pounds alongside a length of 22ft. If the power goes off because of extreme weather conditions, the included extra AC/DC system takes the wheel. MM360 can work on solar energy when connected with the solar panel. However, these solar panels are sold separately.

What We Love
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Remote work well  from a far distance
  • Quiet functioning
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Includes bracket for easy installation
What We Don’t
  • It gives no warning sign during gate movement


It is one of the finest in the marketplace. It is made from robust, reliable and good quality stainless steel. It has a screw driven system which makes it simple to use. It also contains an IR beam that can be found in the kit. It supports gates that weigh up to 1000 pounds alongside a length of 22ft. If the power goes off because of extreme weather conditions, the included extra AC/DC system takes the wheel. MM360 can work on solar energy when connected with the solar panel. However, these solar panels are sold separately. Great option for heavy duty jobs

 09.  CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener – Driveway gate openers

And on the 9th gate opener is the CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener. This brand is cheaper when compare other brands listed up there. The installation process is not painless and may require some time and labor to get it installed. This is due to the sliding gate system. These driveway gate openers are cheaper when compared to its counterparts that weigh over 1400 pounds alongside a 40 ft length. It is easily customizable and can support up to 23 types of the remote. This CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener does not need a battery to function. You can also customize the time and set it to close, for example after twelve, twenty four and thirty six seconds.

What We Love
  • RF hopping protects the remote code
  • A good option for sliding gates with over 1400lbs if weight and 40ft of length.
  • Supports over 23 additional remotes
  • Ability to set timer for the gate to open and close at twelve, twenty four and thirty six seconds.
What We Don’t
  • No battery
  • Difficult to install

Final Verdict

This model is competitive than its counterparts reviewed above. It is a great option for heavy duty swinging gates. On the flip side, it could require more time and effort to install so a technician may be needed here.

 10.  E8 500MM Stainless Steel Gate Opener -Dual swing gate opener

The last but not the least on the list is the E8 500 MM Stainless Steel Gate Openers for the door with a wired keypad. Complete kit of this dual swing gate openers also has the exit button and the safety IR beam that supports a dual swing gate. This door opener is durable and can last longer, thanks to its superior stainless steel. It is compatible with the solar panel but you need to buy them separately. It is also accompanied by an  battery as an alternative during long hours of power failure.

What We Love
  • Great option for double leaf gates that weights up to 1258lbs and alongside a length of 30ft.
  • Accompanied with an AC/DC battery as an alternative during long hours of a power surge.
  • Stainless Steel for better strength
  • Has primary wall bracket
What We Don’t
  • Difficult to install
  • Doesn’t have a solar system

Final Verdict

A good gate opener for the home and commercial purpose. Great option for double leaf gates that weights up to 1258lbs and alongside a length of 30ft. Its one year warranty is a perk to the product. The AC/DC battery as an alternative during long hours of power surge is a great bonus.

Buying Guide For Automatic Gate Openers

Below are some essential things to keep in mind before shelling out your credit card on a gate opener.

Quality of the Potential model

Before going for a gate opener, ensure you confirm the quality and efficiency of the materials used to make them. Make sure you double check and confirm the quality level of the accessories. For example, cross-checks the bracket and mounting accessories for a sturdy build quality.quality automatic gate opener

Simple to assemble

Before purchasing electric gate opener, ensure you check if it has comprehensive operating instruction for easy installation. Some gate openers don’t have simple to understand instructional manual. Most times, the installation manual is bogus and fluffy.simple to assemble gate opener

Simple to Operate

A good driveway gate opener shouldn’t only be simple to install, it should also be simple to control. A high-quality automatic gate opening system shouldn’t encounter problems with programming and installation.

Warranty And guarantee

It’s crucial to consider the warranty and guarantee of a product before purchase. Even the most-quality of products can encounter certain tech problems. Most manufacturers go with up to 60 months warranty on their products. However, some don’t go far past 1-2 years.

Top Brands Of Automatic Gate Opener

Below are the big brands are popularly known for their High-quality auto gate openers.

Mighty Mule

Mighty Mule tops the list as one of the high profile gate opener manufacturers. They manufacture tons of quality models for different types of gates and weights. They manufacture gate openers perfect for robust operations. They fit into gates of up to 700-1200lbs.odels of the Mighty mule is accompanied with simple to understand installation manual. a DVD containing a detailed guide.

US Automatic Sentry

One more incredible brand of the gate opener is the US Automatic sentry. They are leading manufacturers of gate opener alongside their gears. Their product includes an extra feature known as the Sentry Plug N go (a wiring harness that eases the installation process and doesn’t need any wiring. They are highly customized with different unique features than any other product on the market.

Ghost Controls

The Ghost Controls automatic door opener is a top producer of swing gate openers. Their product offers a great solar powered opener that supports double gates at residence, farms and other commercial property.

E8 Gate Openers

This is an indispensable choice for residence and business materials with leaf gates. Strong and affordable E8 gate openers often come with a 12 months warranty. Their kit includes a backup battery that saves the day if there is a power failure.

Automatic Gate Openers FAQ

How does automatic gate opener work?

Electric gate opener is a simple-to-use open and close system for your gate. An electronic gate opener, when installed allows drivers to easily enter and leave their home without having to leave the comfort of their car. It comes with an inbuilt safety mechanism that secures the environment against nefarious activities.

Where to buy an automatic gate opener kit?

You can purchase an automatic gate opener kit from our Amazon through the links posted at the end of each product.

How do I install a sliding gate opener?

Most of the sliding gate opener comes with a step by step instructional manual that guides you through the whole process

Which automatic gate opener is good for home?

One of the very first things to consider before purchasing an auto gate opener Is to confirm if it works with the gate installed in your home. You need to know the weight and length of your gate before purchasing.

How secure are automatic gate openers?

The sturdy electronic lock features of the gate opener, the gate is better safe and secure. Most brands of this gate opener come with an inbuilt safety mechanism that secures the environment against nefarious activities.

What is the best gate opener for residential?

Most models of the Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener are a great option.


We hope our automatic gate opener reviews and buying guide has been helpful. Make a good decision and buy the best automatic gate opener that suits your gates features and dimension. Don’t forget to consider your budget too. The installation processes are simple. So install it yourself and enjoy a convenient life.

Best Automatic Gate Opener Reviews And Buyer’s Guide
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