Best Sprayer for Deck Stain

Best Sprayer for Deck Stain

Are you trying to balance your budget given the recent downturn?  Tired of investing so much time in DIY tasks?  You can apply protective and preservative stain to external decking yourself, with very little effort.  Using the best Sprayer for deck stain to suit your spraying needs it will take less time than you think, giving a professional result.

No need to hire a contractor; a sprayer will make easy work of staining your deck, whilst also saving you money.

When did you last treat your decking?  To keep your decking in good condition and protect the longevity regular maintenance is vital, and once you have your own deck stain sprayer this annual chore becomes much easier and a pleasure to do.  Amazing results can be seen very quickly and with little effort.

Selling your home?  You will be amazed at the improvement in your property that can be achieved with just one coat of deck stain on your timber areas – it really can be an investment with a big return.

Comparison of 10 Sprayer for Deck Stain

What is a Deck Stain Sprayer?

This is either an electric or hand-pumped tool which sprays the deck stain, allowing it to be applied directly onto the wood.  The deck stain is applied by the deck stain sprayer through a nozzle held at a short distance from the decking.  Some deck stain sprayers load the stain or treatment directly from the tub or can, and others have an integral reservoir to be filled before use.

Using an automated deck stain sprayer to complete the application completely replaces the old-fashioned brush method, speeding the process up and giving a much more even and professional result – the reviews below of the recommended stain sprayers will help you to make your choice over which stain sprayer is the best stain sprayer for your needs.

Sprayers for deck stain can now be purchased well within any reasonable budget.  They are no longer out of the reach of those that do not want to pay high contactor charges and are keen to undertake their own property maintenance tasks.

The method of propulsion can vary, but this means of applying your decking protection and preservative through a Stain Sprayer saves time, product waste, and physical effort.

This review looks at the best stain sprayers on the market for the direct application of deck stain.  It will help you to assess which deck stain sprayer would suit you from the alternatives available, and choose whether to use either a pump ora spray gun applicator.

How to use a Deck Stain Sprayer

These are general guidelines, in all cases ensure that you refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific Deck Stain Sprayer.

  • Protect all adjacent property and planting prior to work with a tarpaulin to prevent overspray.
  • Move any bar b q and moveable garden furniture.
  • Read the instructions on the stain to be applied.
  • Power wash the areas to be treated and undertake all necessary and recommended preparation.
  • In all cases spray uprights and banisters first, moving onto larger flat areas afterward.
  • Apply in smooth continuous movements.
  • Brush in a margin adjacent to the property to prevent accidental overspray onto your building. Ensure that the property is carefully screened.
  • Use a brush or pad after application where necessary to smooth out any uneven areas.
  • Take care to avoid spillage.
  • Ensure that you have the correct safety equipment and are operating within a safe environment.

How to use a low-pressure pump sprayer;

Want to take first steps to stain a deck ? Using an airless or HVLP sprayer will work well with most stain.  This method needs no electricity supply and is especially suitable for both smaller or more remote garden areas.  Best results will be achieved by employing a wide ‘fan’ shaped applicator tip for maximum coverage on large areas and a smaller tip for smaller, precision areas. The stain is added to a reservoir which is then manually pressurised.  Our reviews will help you locate the best airless sprayer for the stain for the work you want to do.

Top Tip: Make sure that the deck stain sprayer pressurisation is maintained as you progress through the project to ensure even application.

How to use a spray gun deck sprayer;

This method will also work using the most stain.  Using an electric powered spray gun deck sprayer will be quicker and cover larger areas with ease.  Coverage is uniform as there can be no pressure drop from the applicator and no interruption whilst you re-pressurize the applicator.  The stain to be used can often be taken from a larger, external container for continuous application.  This report has looked at the best spray gun for deck stain currently available.

Top Tip: To ensure that you have thoroughly prepared the entire area before starting and covered everything but the target area – best results come from best preparation.

Top 10 Sprayer for deck stain Reviews-2019

The editor panel undertook extensive research to bring to you the information in one place to both guide and inform your purchase of a sprayer for the reliable application of deck stain.  For larger areas, the Spray Gun Deck Sprayer is proven to provide better results in less time.

However, the low-pressure pump sprayer has proved itself to be more than adequate, suitable for most smaller home projects.  The best low-pressure pump sprayers are more convenient where there is no electricity supply readily available or there are a number of smaller areas to be sprayed with deck stain.

 01. Graco Magnum 262805 X7

A thoroughly professional piece of equipment delivering a thoroughly professional result.  The model featured is a top of the range airless paint sprayer and gives consistently good outcomes.  This model is versatile for all applications and not just decking giving additional uses.

For those looking for the best decking stain sprayer, the Graco Magnum 262805 really cannot be faulted.  The investment in this equipment will offer years of use for the typical homeowner and will apply the deck stain in an even and uniform manner – even in hard to reach areas.  This would be ideal for a new installation.

What We Love
  • Fully adjustable paint flow
  • No need to thin stain or paint
  • Feed directly from 1 or 5 gallon bucket
  • Annual recommendation 125 gals/year
  • Professional result
  • Attaches to the garden hose for cleaning
  • Stream reversal to clear any obstructions
  • High-speed delivery
  • Stainless steel pumps
  • 0.31 gallons/minute delivery
What We Don’t
  • Needs electricity source
  • Cumbersome for smaller jobs


This really was a professional piece of equipment providing a thoroughly professional result for those with larger areas to cover.

 02. Graco Magnum 257025

A versatile sprayer giving outstanding results on all projects.  Can be used for many applications, as well as being the top sprayer for deck stain you can also apply a wide variety of liquids from deck stain through the paint to latex.  Ideal for larger projects.

This deck stain sprayer is recommended for slightly less annual use at 50 gallons a year, but that should be more than adequate for most homeowners who are looking for the best stain sprayer for their decking.  Coverage is uniform, and spraying deck stain offers much better coverage than brush application.

What We Love
  • Corded – electric
  • Adjustable paint flow
  • No need to thin stain or paint
  • Feed direct from 1 or 5 gallon bucket
  • 24gal/minute delivery
  • Can support 50 ft of paint hose
  • Spray reverse to clear clogs
  • Annual recommendation 50 gals/year
  • Professional result
What We Don’t
  • Needs electricity source
  • Weight 10 pounds


A reliable and excellent sprayer offering good coverage for medium to large projects and excellent value for money.

 03. Rexbeti Ultimate – 750

A lightweight easy to clean unit, simple but effective.  Multi-purpose not just for external wood projects.  A good starting point for anyone who hasn’t used a sprayer for deck stain before.  This would work well for smaller projects, or to illustrate how easy it is to apply deck stain using a deck stain sprayer.

A real confidence builder for anyone who is not sure about using power tools to undertake tasks for the first time.  This Rexbeti Ultimate 750 is perfectly adequate and extremely affordable.

What We Love
  • Corded – electric
  • 1 litre container
  • 500 watt
  • 3 nozzles included
  • Adjustable flow control
  • 6ft power cord
  • Excellent finish
What We Don’t
  • Needs electricity source
  • Small capacity container


A good starting unit for anyone who has not used a paint sprayer before or has a small to medium-sized project to tackle.  Excellent finish.

 04. HomeRight Flower Pro Flo 2800 C800879

Fantastic for larger exterior projects in the garden.  Specifically designed for all exterior woodwork and delivering a superb finish with ease.  This deck sprayer apply latex, unthinned oil based coats, stains, and primers. That makes this deck sprayer a very versatile and easy to use a piece of equipment.

The HomerRight Flower Pro Flo 2800 comes recommended for medium to large projects and will cover any areas with ease.  It is a user-friendly piece of equipment and offers a truly excellent result.

What We Love
  • Corded – electric
  • 2800psi
  • Adjustable flow control
  • 25 foot long hose
  • Draws from a 1 or 5 gallon container
  • Reversible spray tip to clear clogs
  • Easily portable
  • Excellent finish
What We Don’t
  • Needs electricity source
  • 15 pounds


Reliable and solid equipment with excellent coverage at all times and very easy to move over larger areas.

 05. HomeRight C800915

A light duty airless spray gun stain sprayer.  Can be used for both stains and sealants.  This is recommended for anyone who has a specific project in mind.  This deck stain sprayer would suit anyone who is looking to apply stain to any woodwork or decking in an exterior location.

It is suitable for smaller areas, is light and is easy to move.  It offers excellent patching solutions for repairs or replacement of small areas of the woodwork.  This deck stain sprayer would be best for homeowners who do not have large projects or new installations but are seeking a really professional finish.

What We Love
  • Corded – electric
  • 80 W of power
  • Tilt spray feature picks up 90% of stain
  • Volume control knob for precision
  • Consistent coverage
  • Even finish
  • Replacement parts available
What We Don’t
  • Weight 5 pounds
  • Needs electricity source


A smaller unit for smaller areas but perfectly adequate for those without huge decking that needs covering.

 06. Loneflash Electric

A smaller capacity corded applicator that can be used both indoors for paint as well as outside for fencing/decking projects.  Perfect application for anyone who is seeking the best deck stain sprayer which will also serve as a paint applicator.

The paint/stain reservoir is 700ml making it more suitable for an average family size deck.  It is a really good entry level applicator and offers fantastic benefits in time-saving and finish.  An excellent starting point for anyone seeking to improve the look of their external decking.

What We Love
  • Corded – electric
  • 400 W of power
  • 800 ml/min
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used for other applications
  • Immediate use
What We Don’t
  • 700ml cartridge
  • 25-35cm optimum distance for spraying


A multi-purpose cartridge based electric applicator that does exactly as expected.  Super for the keen do it yourself enthusiast to tackle smaller projects and save time.

 07. Chapin 30600 2-Gallon Professional

A large capacity pressure pump sprayer giving good coverage and a reliable finish.  Good value for money item.  Compatible with sealants, cleaners and deck stains.  This is perfect if you have no electricity supply to a cabin or summerhouse.  It is easily portable, gives extensive coverage on one fill, and gives a very controllable application.

The kit comes with a choice of nozzles allowing for a professional application even though the flow is not adjustable.  It is easy to use and gives a better finish than expected.  The excellent construction and attention to detail mean that you can buy this piece with confidence.

What We Love
  • 2 Gallon Capacity
  • Funnel top for ease of filling
  • Weight 6.4 pounds
  • Steel tank
  • Poly wand and shut off
  • No electricity supply needed
  • 3 nozzles included
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to clean
What We Don’t
  • Manual pressurisation
  • Flow not adjustable


A robust and well-made piece of equipment appearing to offer consistent long-term use.  Ideal for smaller to medium sized projects, especially those remote from electricity supply.

 08. HomeRight C800909 Pro

A budget entry low-pressure pump sprayer is particularly suitable for smaller areas.  Can also be used to apply sealers, pesticides, insecticides and weed killer.  This is the best deck stain sprayer for anyone with a smaller outside area.

It can not only take on smaller projects with ease, but it can also be used for other outside tasks.  It is easily portable and light to use, making it universally appealing.  It would be the best deck stain sprayer for anyone who only had a small outside decking area or even outdoor furniture which needed treating.

What We Love
  • 1 Gallon Capacity
  • Funnel top for ease of filling
  • Weight 2.4 pounds
  • 2ft wand
  • Pressure relief valve fitted
  • No electricity supply needed
  • Perfect for smaller areas
What We Don’t
  • Manual pressurisation
  • Entry level applicator


A good starting point for a low-pressure pump sprayer delivering good quality application of deck stain.  Ideal for patch treatments or smaller areas.

 09. Hudson 66193 Yard and Garden

An excellent product holding 3 gallons and giving that extended coverage.  Suitable for a variety of additional applications including mildew control and wallpaper removal.  Ideal for medium duty usage.  This is a slightly heavier unit to move, however, it gives really good coverage between fills.

The wand and moving parts are all very good quality, and it is comfortable to use.  The coverage is even and offers a really good result.  This is really good for larger areas that are not close to the main house or electricity supply.  The Hudson 66193 makes very quick work of applying deck stain.

What We Love
  • 3 Gallon Capacity
  • Funnel top for ease of filling
  • Stable base
  • Brass Wand
  • High-Performance pump
  • No electricity supply needed
  • 18-inch spray wand as standard
  • 14.1 ounces
What We Don’t
  • No pressure relief valve
  • Large unit to move by hand when spraying


A good all round product offering larger area coverage and no need for electricity or generator supply.  Easy to use and a good finish.

 10. Solo 425 -Recommended

The largest sprayer considered within this category holding a full 4 gallons of product and ensuring an interrupted application.  Mounted on a backpack, so no issues over moving the reservoir – an effective and professional pump sprayer.  A real contender if you are looking for the best pump sprayer for deck stain and have a large area.

This is particularly useful if you have a large area to cover – be that decking or fencing.  Easy to use, secure in position, and confidence giving for those larger jobs.  Some may find that the 14 pounds weight is not suitable, but for ease of movement, access to difficult areas, and continuous supply of stain this deck stain sprayer cannot be beaten.

What We Love
  • 4 Gallon Capacity
  • Back pack mounted increases mobility
  • Multi purpose for different applications
  • No electricity supply needed
  • Up to 90psi
  • 48 inch hose for extended reach
  • Excellent construction
  • Piston pump
  • 4.25 inch opening for filling
What We Don’t
  • Back pack mounted
  • Weighs 14 pounds


A versatile and excellent backpack applicator.  Multi-use so good value within the category, and suitable for larger areas at any distance from the house.

Deck stain sprayer-Buying Guide

There are a wide variety of Deck Stain Sprayers on the market, many paint sprayers also have the ability to apply deck stain, and so the decision is one to be considered carefully.

Consider the following when buying a sprayer for deck stain;

How large is the area you wish to cover?

Whilst larger projects would certainly benefit from a larger, more professional sprayer, if you only have a small area then there are those reviewed above which are perfectly adequate, take less storage, and create less waste because they can hold smaller amounts of the product within the reservoirs.

Is the area you wish to treat near your house, or at the other end of your property?

The choice between an electric deck stain sprayer and a pump sprayer is fundamental.  Not only for cost but if there are electric supply issues then a pump sprayer is perfect.  These can be used anyway, even in remote locations.  They come in a variety of sizes and so some can cover a very large area without the need to refill.  The backpack option gives good flexibility if accessing smaller areas, and means that it is easy to move about and access any difficult to reach woodwork that needs treating.

Do you have any other projects planned that you wish to use the equipment for?

Some sprayers can also be used for paintwork – some internal as well as external – and some for garden chemicals.  It is worth considering any other benefit you can get from your purchase, and alternative uses that you may be able to utilise once you have made your purchase.  It offers considerable extra value when purchasing some of the products reviewed as they have multiple uses.

What weight are you comfortable handling?

The handheld units come in a variety of weights and sizes – are you confident in holding a weight for however long the project would take?  It may be worth thinking very early on about how extensive an area you are facing, and what weight you are able to hold and direct for that period of time.

Are you looking for something that is reservoir fed, or do you have space to stand a 1 or 5-gallon drum where you will be working?

Units with self-contained smaller reservoirs are easier to move about with, if you have to move a 5-gallon drum as well as the deck sprayer when you reach the end of the hose then will that cause you an issue?

The reviews for the best deck sprayer that have reached our recommended stage:

The reviews above cover all of the main options that are on the market for the alternatives to stain your deck using a sprayer rather than the old-fashioned paintbrush method.  All decks would benefit from regular treatment, it is the proven way to extend the life and ensure maintenance of all exterior woodwork including decking.

Sprayed application of deck stain is the quickest and most efficient way of achieving this, and ultimately saving property maintenance and money in the long term.   Having to replace exterior woodwork and decking is a very large, and very expensive outlay.

The purchase of a sprayer for the application of deck stain is an investment in your time and your property, and once you have tried one of the products listed the benefits will be immediately apparent.  They really are so easy to use, and being so quick to use really do enable you to maximize your free time.


What is the best way to stain a deck?

Preparation is key for a successful application of stain to any decking or outside of the wood area.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on both the stain and the deck stain sprayer to ensure that the finish is professional, and the effect long lasting.  Clear the area and use tarpaulins to prevent spray drift.

Can I spray stain on my deck?

The short answer is not only can you-you should.  The stain is vital to prevent wood bleaching and decay.  It protects the wood reducing the effects of weathering ensuring that your external decking is maintained, looks good, and lasts for the longest possible period of time.  Penetration of the stain into the wood protects against both rain and sun damage.

What is the best sprayer for staining a fence?

All deck stain sprayers can also be used for staining a fence.  The same principles apply to fence staining, consider your electricity supply, the quantity of product you will need to apply to cover the square meterage of fencing you have, and the access to the fencing.  As well as the above you may like to consider the weight of the unit – and if you have planted close to the fence line.

Can you use a pump sprayer to stain a deck?

You can use a pump sprayer to apply stain in any situation – they are as versatile, if not more so than an electric deck stain pump.  The pump sprayer means that you can move freely without being tethered to a supply bucket – you can access smaller areas with ease – and be selective about how much stain you put into the reservoir.  For continuous application over a larger area, there are no interruptions with a motorized spray gun applicator because the unit does not have to be manually pressurized.

Is it better to stain or paint a deck?

Stain or paint is largely a matter of personal choice.  Most professionals would recommend stain, it offers the same level of protection, but weathers well and does not show the same level of wear that a paint application would do.

The products available for an application using the deck stain sprayers are specifically designed for the purpose, and there are many different colors and finishes now on the market giving excellent results.  Paint can offer more dramatic colorways, and give a dramatic and instant result, but for longevity, the professionals all recommend stain – especially in heavily trafficked areas.

Can you use a roller on deck?

Rollers, pads, and brushes can be used as the sole method to stain a deck.  They may still be the way that you are doing it – however, huge time savings, better results, and economy of the product can all be achieved by employing the sprayer for deck stain and investing a little in ensuring that you are doing a professional job.   The results from these paint sprayers – both pump and electric are universally professional, easy to achieve and long-lasting.

Final Verdict 

This is an up to date list of the sprayer for deck stain products on the market right now. This sprayer for deck stain reviews will be kept up to date by the editor whenever a new and better product is launched. Nobody would be disappointed with any of the products on this list and they all have different, with distinct benefits of easy way to stain a deck. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links


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