Why We Must Have Cleaner?

Why We Must Have Cleaner?

If we use toilet bowl cleaner regularly, the toilet can at times be called the best seat in the house. There could even be a line of people waiting to use it.

Everyone sits on one, yet most don’t speak about it regularly – it’s not usually that interesting. It’s not something talked about in most group settings. It’s certainly not a lunch conversation. It’s definitely not a Girls’ Night Out subject. And it’s not something we write home about.

However, using toilet bowl cleaner is really important to every one of us, in fact, a downright necessity for most of us, so that’s why we need to discuss it and brushes too! The brushes could actually be a subject of interest by using them to help decorate the bathroom.

Why We Must Need Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Most people use the container which conveniently comes with the brush. But have you ever thought of using a pretty pot normally used for pot plants or a wonderfully designed vase which would match one or more colors in your bathroom to put your toilet brush in? I have had compliments galore just from locating my toilet brush in just such a thing. It’s unusual and fun for something normally ordinary and mundane. Whoever thought your toilet bowl brush would become a conversation piece!

Perhaps your home toilet bowl is the cleanest in town because you regularly use Lysol Gel or 2000 Flushes or Scrubbing Bubbles and you never even have to touch the bowl or my favorite – EcoSense Tub and Tile. It makes the toilet look brand new, it’s very safe, plus you can just spray the tub and tile with the same product.

On the other hand, maybe the toilet at work is filthy. Or you’ve had to use the toilet at the gas station and you have to hold your purse on your lap or hang it around your neck because there is no hook.

You look around and there is no toilet paper and the seat is nasty besides. What to do? Do you look in your purse for a tissue and hover (or hopefully you’re prepared with Lysol disinfecting wipes) over the toilet while hoping no one will come in the door since the lock is broken? Here’s an idea: keep some Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes or Charmin: Fresh Mates To Go Flushable Wipes which come in a pack of ten that you can easily keep in your purse and within reach for just such an occasion. As for the broken lock, the only thing I can think of is duct tape which actually comes in small packs also.

How To Clean A Toilet Bowl

So, you’ve decided the old toilet bowl has gotten dirty enough to merit a good cleaning but you’re on your own for the first time and not sure quite how to go about it. So you scour the internet in search of instructions and come across this short article. Well, here you go. Now let’s get started by making sure you have all your supplies. You’ll need a toilet brush, toilet bowl cleaner, latex gloves or some other type and a rag or paper towels.

Ok, first, it’s a good idea to open a window and get some ventilation going on. (It’s usually not a good idea to breathe toilet bowl cleaners.) Put on some latex, neoprene or vinyl gloves to protect your hands from the toilet bowl cleaner.

Get out your toilet bowl cleaner and make sure you follow all the instructions on the package because it can be a major health hazard if you don’t. For instance, NEVER USE AMMONIA AND BLEACH AT THE SAME TIME. They can react to form poisonous gases like chlorine and chloramine. Exposure to these can cause irreversible lung damage or kill you! Safety check. Ok, now that you’ve read all the precautions get to cleaning.

Flush the toilet to wet the bowl. Apply your powder or liquid toilet bowl cleaner in a generous amount. Let it set with the toilet bowl cleaner soaking in for a bit, say 5 minutes. Get out your toilet brush and scrub it all around the inside.

Make sure you get that nasty brown ring off. Flush the toilet and rinse the brush while the new water is coming in. Spray the rim and both sides of the seat and seat cover and the whole outside with disinfectant.

Allow the disinfectant to set for a minute and kill all the germs. Wipe it down with a lint-free rag or paper towels. Put up your toilet bowl cleaner and toilet brush. Wait a few minutes for the excess disinfectant to dry. Then use it to your butt’s content. And that’s how to clean a toilet.

Cleaner toilets and bathrooms mean more happiness for us ladies (and gents too, I’m sure) and we need to make the people in charge realize that if we are happy with their clean and well-stocked bathrooms, we will patronize their place of business more often.

Author: Richard Forest

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