How to program the remote of a Strongway gate opener

How to program the remote of a Strongway gate opener

We are great fans here of the Strongway Automatic Gate Opener, and detail below the directions for programming the remote to the Strongway Gate Opener.

First, let’s take a quick look at the Strongway Automatic Gate Opener, already bought yours?  Then, by all means, skip down to the relevant section but for anyone still considering which gate opener to install then it’s worth having a look at the benefits of this particular model.  For the price pitch, this is good quality, nice and robust, and a reliable unit.


 The Automatic Gate Opener:

This is the Strongway Single-Swing Automatic Gate Opener, and you would have to go a long way to find a better model.  This unit can manage gates up to 450lb in weight, and up to 12 feet long, which is enough for most properties.

It will work in light-wind environments for vinyl, chain link or tube gates, and being solar compatible is great for rural environments.

The PCB board is located within the control box for easy access, and the gates can hinge either inwards or outwards.

The remote uses the frequency 433.92Mhz.

Very programmable – if you want a slower close, no close, the slower opener – all the options are available to you.

Programming the Strongway Automatic Gate Opener Remote:

As always the first advice is to check your owners’ manual – and please make sure that you follow all of the safety instructions.

Only Activate the Gate Opener when you can see the gate, there are no obstructions, and the gate is properly adjusted to both open and close.  Ensure that no one is in the area whilst the gate is in motion.  Children should not operate, nor play near, the gate.

The gate comes with two remote controls and the option to purchase further controls.  This gate will support up to six remotes.

Learning the Strongway Automatic Gate Opener Remote – Tutorial:

  1. Locate the ‘learn’ button – press and release the button, the LED should display ‘Ln’.
  2. Locate the button on the remote control – push twice, the LED should now flash ‘Ln for 3 seconds before reverting to ‘- -‘ – the remote control has been learned.

To clear the remote control:

To erase all control commands Press and hold the learn button as above until the LED display ‘dL’, then release the learn button.  The display will now show ‘- -‘.  All remote codes have been erased from this unit.


The remote control will not operate further than 100ft from the unit.

Ensure when fitting that the control box is located to allow clear transmission of signals without obstructions caused by buildings, trees, or other solid objects.

How to set Operating Controls on your Strongway Automatic Gate Opener:

Each control that determines how the gate operates as a factor set default.  It is recommended that all settings are checked upon installation to ensure that they are set correctly in each instance.

Each control on the remote has both a code and a range of numerical values.  The table below shows the possible controls.  The value of a control is set using the LED display and the following keys: FUNC, INC, and DEC.

To set a value for each control:

  1. Power up the control board. You should see the LED display flash on standby ‘- -‘.
  2. Locate the FUNC button and press and hold – the display will cycle on from P1, P1, etc. Release the FUNC button when the code you want is displayed on the LED.
  3. Push the INC or the DEC button once only. The display will then show the current value of the control for that code.
  4. Cycle up or down from that by using the INC or DEC button – each time you push the numerical value will alter by 1.
  5. To save the value push the FUNC button. The LED display will then show the code for the next control.
  6. Continuing pressing the FUNC button until the LED display shows the code for the next control you wish to set. Repeat the procedure.
  7. When you have completed all controls you wish to set, press the FUNC button until the LED display returns to standby ‘- -‘.
Control Code Value Description
Single/Dual P1 01 = single gate.  The opener connects to MOTOR 1 on the control board.

10 = single gate.  The opener connects to MOTOR 2 on the control board.

11 = dual gate




P2 01 = opener connects to MOTOR 1 on control board as primary.

10 = opener connects to MOTOR 2 on Control board as primary.

Default = 01

(Dual gate only) The primary gate is first to open and last to close.
Open Interval P3 0 – 9 second option

Default = 3

(Dual gate only) The open interval is the time lapse between the Primary gate commencing to open and the secondary gate commencing.  EG: With a 3 second value programmed in the primary gate will start to move 3 seconds before the secondary.
Close Interval P4 0 – 9 second option

Default = 3

(Dual gate only) Close interval is as open but in reverse upon closing – if the value programmed is 3 seconds the secondary gate will start to close 3 seconds before the primary gate starts to move.
Stall Force P5 (Opener 1)

P6 (Opener 6)

1 through 9

1 = minimal force

9 = maximum force

Default = 3

This is the amount of force that the gate opener will use against any obstruction to the movement of the gate.  When the programmed force is reached the gate opener will stop, and reverse direction.  The opener adjusts automatically when this setting is altered.
Max Motor

Running Time

P7 (Opener 1)

P8 (Opener 2)

1 – 50 seconds

Default – 40 seconds

MRT is the max time that the gate opener will run.  When the MRT is reached the gate will stop running.
Safety Photocell Beam System P9 00 = off

11 = on

Default = 00

This is optional.  The Safety Photocell Beam System is either ON or OFF.
Automatic Closing Time PA 0 – 99 seconds

Default = 60

ACT denotes the number of seconds the gate remains open and inactive for.  When the time is set to ‘00’ the gate does not close and will remain open.
Soft Start Period Pb 0 – 9 seconds

Default = 3

STP is the time the gate opener operates at the start of the movement at slow speed.
Fast Running


PC 1 – 28 seconds

Default = 15 seconds

FRP is the time the gate operates at the fast speed whilst in movement.
Return to Factory Settings Pd To return settings to the factory default press the FUNC button until the display shows Pd and then press INC or the DEC button.  The display now shows dF which indicates all settings have returned to factory default.

The Speed of the Gate

The factory set speeds are: Fast and Slow.  The gate opener is programmed at the commencement of movement, both opening, and closing, to operate at a slower speed for the programmed number of seconds (soft start period).  Then it will run at the fast running period for the length of time programming, and finally, it will go into the soft stop period until it is either fully open or closed.

The soft stop period is not programmable directly.  It is determined by the length of the other two programmed times.

To increase or decrease the soft stop period, adjust one of the other timings on the programmable remote.

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