What is a Garage Ready Refrigerator?

What is a Garage Ready Refrigerator?

garage ready fridgeA garage ready refrigerator is designed and manufactured to a different standard than that of a refrigerator intended to be installed in the house.  These adaptations will allow you to install a garage ready refrigerator in a location to suit you even if there are greater fluctuations or extremes in the temperature of the environment.   Most people don’t have air-conditioned garages.

If you want to install a refrigerator or freezer in a non-temperature controlled environment then you need to know this stuff.

The Technology You Need to Know

In order to understand what to look for we will start with refrigerator 101.  A modern refrigerator maintains the internal temperature by monitoring the external temperature and using that to control the freezer temperature.

The excess air from the freezer is used to cool the fridge area.  Usually, there is a thermostat in the refrigerator section which monitors the temperature – and the evaporator is located in the freezer section.  That leaves both sections of the unit dependent upon each other.

How does Installing a refrigerator in the Garage affect the performance?

Clearly, if the external temperature is being monitored by the refrigerator and that kicks it into action then in a hot, probably uninsulated garage then the refrigerator works extra hard – sending the motor, and your electric bill sky high!

In winter then your refrigerator will think that it is cold enough, and not kick into action at all, causing issues with maintaining a low temperature.  If it’s below freezing in your outhouse then the refrigerator will not work at all, and all of your freezer contents will thaw, not good for anybody.

What to consider with your Garage Ready Refrigerator?

The first thing to consider is the environment where you live, and where you expect your new appliance to function.  Given your new-found understanding you will soon work out whether or not you need to take action – if you wish to buy a normal refrigerator then you could add heating, or cooling to your garage.

An alternative and less expensive option would be to partition off a section large enough to accommodate your refrigerator and insulate and heat that.  Much better to get yourself a refrigerator and/or freezer specifically designed for the environment you are going to run it in.

New isn’t necessarily Better:

Newer refrigerators are engineered to be much more responsive to external temperatures.   They are considerably more reactive than the older units who cope much better in slightly more fluctuating environments.  This would explain why if you are replacing an old and trusted unit then the fact that it functioned well within the garage doesn’t mean that you can rely on a new standard unit to perform as well.

A Garage Ready Refrigerator – The Obvious Solution

man working at garageSo, you don’t have an old unit to put into your outbuilding, you don’t fancy building an extension and air conditioning your garage isn’t on your list?  The answer is to buy a ‘garage ready refrigerator’.  That means a refrigerator which is ‘garage-optimized’ and manufactured specifically to cope well in that environment and the temperatures and humidity.  Back to our earlier point – some are configured to cope with heat, some with cold, so consider your location and shop to suit.

A little warning – they are more expensive, but if you don’t fancy a repair bill it will be money well spent.

How is a Garage Ready Refrigerator Different?

Essentially – and I’m keeping it simple – the garage ready refrigerator has a small heater that keeps the compressor running so that your freezer stays frozen and your fridge stays cold.

There is a wide range available on the market, in fact, many refrigerators are marketed as ‘Garage Ready’ and could be fitted into any environment giving you complete flexibility.

You could also fit a kit onto your standard refrigerator, that would create the same effect, without the outlay and change of white goods.

Author: Richard Forest

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